Zumba At The San Diego Safari Half Marathon Expo

Zumba At The San Diego Safari Half Marathon Expo

Zumba in the streets of San Diego

We had a lot of fun dancing for 6 hours on Cinco de Mayo for the San Diego Safari Half Marathon Expo. Thank you to all of my Bootique Fitness ladies who came out to dance with me. We received great reviews from the Safari staff and spectators. You all were fantastic!!

Here’s what San Diego Safari says about Bootique Fitness

“On Saturday, May 5, 2012, we held a Packet Pick-Up Expo at Road Runner Sports in San Diego, CA for the 2nd Annual Safari Park Half Marathon on Sunday, May 6, 2012. We invited Jaylin Knight with Bootique Fitness to come and be a part of our event to help educate runners about the growing trend of workout dance, known as Zumba. We were more than pleasantly surprised at Jaylin’s performance. She and her team of dancers / workout enthusiasts were incredible! In fact, they never stopped. It was a very warm, very sunny day, and they were constantly up entertaining the more than 2,000 people who came to pick up their race bibs, T-shirts and goodie bags.

Her energy is contagious and tons of people had out their cell phones to record a quick video and get a picture of her amazing moves! I would highly recommend Jaylin and her team for any event. They were willing to work all day to promote Zumba and the music and energy they added to our Expo, helped to make our event a HUGE success!! We are so grateful to have met all of them, and hope they will join us again next year!”

– Jennifer Coleman, Special Events Coordinator with San Diego Zoo Global.

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