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Cardio Hip Hop Class in San Diego


GPS: 6338 Riverdale Street, San Diego, CA

Golden State Ballet and Pilates (inside)

We are in Studio 3.

Parking: There is a large parking lot available.


There is a small sign at the entrance of the parking lot off Riverdale St for the studio. The dance studio is towards the back right of the parking lot with a sign for Golden State Ballet and Pilates.

Weekdays – traveling from west: take friars to avoid traffic on the 8.


If you don’t see us and are not sure where to go, contact the trainer before class starts. Here are each of the trainer’s cell numbers:

Jaylin: 619.602.8087

Sabrina: 619.519.5874

San Diego Cardio Hip Hop Dance Fitness Party classes are convenient

Our Dance Fitness Party dance studio in San Diego is easy to get to. Golden State Ballet & Pilates is conveniently located in East Mission Valley so you can quickly get to it by Friars, the 8 or the 15.

Many of our members appreciate that the our Dance Fitness Party studio has easy parking, lots of space and an amazing sound system. Unlike packed clubs where you can barely move, our members have the space to fully express themselves.

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San Diego Dance Studio

This dance studio in San Diego offers a clean and spacious dance floor. The floors are sprung so they are easier on your joints. This San Diego dance studio is conveniently located in Mission Valley and has a large parking lot. Stop in and enjoy a cardio hip hop class today.