Zumba on the Go – Spring Break Video Playlist

Zumba on the Go – Spring Break Video Playlist

Do you want to dance to Zumba videos while you travel for Spring Break?

Don’t let traveling get in the way of doing your workout. With this Zumba video playlist, you can dance along with us and workout anywhere. Plus, I’ve arranged the songs in varying intensity so you have built in recovery just like we do in our regular Zumba classes. This playlist will last 35 minutes of dancing. Repeat your favorites for a longer workout.

Zumba Video Playlist

Click on the songs below to get to the videos

Wild Ones – Flo Rida (warm up)

Daddy Yankee Limbo

Subete en la Guagua (merengue)

Senorita – Zumba San Diego Salsa Video

Quitate La Ropa for San Diego Zumba

I Cry by Flo Rida

Poppin’ Tags

Scream – Usher

Sube Las Manos Pa’ Arriba – Pitbull


Come to Meh (Soca)

Zumba cool down

Keep moving and give you heart rate a chance to come down. Though I don’t have a video of our cool down, here’s the song we are using. I Am by Mary J Blige. Listen to the song, move slowly to allow your body to relax (step touch, grapevine…), take some nice, deep breathes and do a couple of static stretches. Relax…

More Zumba videos

We have a lot more videos available. Visit our Zumba video library.

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