Zumba Dance Merengue Video

Zumba Dance Merengue Video

No Hay Otro Como Yo (Fulanito)

Merengue is such a fun rhythm. All you need to merengue is basically march in place. Add some hips to the mix and you’ll already look like a pro!

We took this song to a new level with a 6 count crossover merengue step. It can be a little tricky, but there are several times in the song that we slow down and show you the step more clearly. All it takes it a little practice – you can get it.

Our Zumba in San Diego classes use a lot of fun merengue songs. Whether you want to complete a calorie-blasting workout or just practice some of our moves, you can do either from the comfort of your home. You’ll find countless our of unique Zumba videos, all available for you to view and follow along with, in the Zumba Videos Category.

Dance with us at our Zumba in San Diego classes

Join us at  the wonderful studio in the Dance Place building in Liberty Station. Get the schedule and details on our Zumba page. You’re first class is only $5.

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