Want tight, toned arms? Get ready to work for them.

Sarah, one of our great personal trainers and boot camp instructors shows you how to develop long, lean, tone arms – Fast! All you need for this video workout is a resistance band. Choose a band with enough resistance that it will challenge you by the time you do 15 reps. That’s the way to really challenge yourself and get the best results from this workout.

Boot Camp Exercise #1: Alternating overhead press
Boot Camp Exercise #2: Spiderman plank
Boot Camp Exercise #3: Overhead triceps extension
Boot Camp Exercise #4: Lateral raise

Complete this circuit 3 times total. Do each of the four exercises back to back without rest. Take a 30 second break between circuits and then repeat the sequence.

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Leave a comment and tell us how you did. Did you complete 3 rounds? Did you use a band with enough resistance?