Getting in the right zone

Metabolic Training

Research shows this whole-body, high-intensity, interval-style training is just as effective at boosting aerobic fitness as a longer cardio session and more effective at improving muscular endurance and increasing metabolism ( Workouts with more bang for your buck in less time (a higher intense 30-45 interval workout session v over an hour of the same intensity). Bootique Fitness workouts are a great example of this type of interval training as well as your Tabata Thursdays!

We know when we are taking it too easy in a workout. It’s halfway through, there’s a modification we don’t REALLY need, and we take the easy way out. Then we have those really extreme days, where we push and push in our workout, don’t take time for a water break, possibly didn’t eat properly before, and feel like we are going to pass out.

Where’s the middle ground? Do you have one? Yes! We all can exercise at our optimal fitness level where we are burning calories, building muscle, and increasing our cardiovascular activity without over exhaustion. But then again, you cannot get there without pushing past that uncomfortable feeling. How do we pass the comfort zone without entering the danger zone?!

Comfort Zone

  • No Burn? – If you don’t feel your muscles burning and becoming fatigued – you’re too comfortable!! Fiiiirrrreeee!
  • No inner monologue? – If you are not at least once in your workout telling yourself “Are you serious? Why did I come here? Burpees, really? I’m going to puke”, then you need to push more. The fact that you are talking to yourself this way shows you are working!
  • No heavy breathing? No grunting? Step it up sister! “UUUHHHHHHAAAHHHH!!”
  • No sweat? – Though we all sweat at different rates, if you haven’t even broke one, you probably need to push more. Go ahead – let them see you sweat!

Danger Zone

  • Putting on the “Breaks” – when you physically have to stop MULTIPLE times during a set or interval, you’re probably going too hard.
  • Every Breath You Take – if you can’t catch your breath and are having TOO much difficulty breathing (you should be having some heavy breathing working out at a good rate), that’s a warning sign. Coughing, wheezing, and gasping for air is a sign to stop and slow down.
  • Blurred Lines – if you are dizzy or begin to have blurry vision, this is also a sign of over exhaustion. It can also be an indication of something more serious.

As always, check in with your doc before starting a new program or if any of these symptoms persist. Your trainers are also aware and prepared to notice when it’s time for you to slow down and/or stop, or when to kick it up a notch! Listen to your body, feel where that middle ground is, and make the most of your workout!