Carbs For Abs? Eat These to Help Unleash the Ab Muscles!

We all want lean muscle and those fabulous looking abs; and like the fitness world says, summer bodies are made in the winter! Along with cardio and muscle toning exercises (which Bootique helps with), what you eat also has tons to do with revealing those tones tummies. Lean proteins and veggies are the way to go, but we also need some carbs in there for our workout energy.

Good Carbs For A Lean Stomach

Acorn Squash
So many fun ways to make this food! Scoop it out and fill it with lean protein and some veggies, and you have yourself a healthy bowl you can eat. Drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper for a yummy out of the oven experience.

Whole Wheat Pasta
Pasta can get a bad wrap, but if you choose whole wheat, you can eat this in moderation with broccoli, peppers, or any other of your favorites. Pair with turkey sausage and a side salad; yum!

Whole Wheat Bread or Sprouted Bread
Be picky with your breads! Sprouted is the best. Some with sunflowers seeds and other seeds to enhance the flavor; and low calorie! Spread some organic nut butter or make a healthy sandwich – opt for a small slice of avocado instead of layering on the condiments.

Keen-wah. However you say it, what a way to have your carbs in a different way. Make a salad out of it with spinach (another healthy carb!) or have it as a side with some flavorful chicken or seasoned veggies.

Chocolate Milk
Yum! Post workout, chocolate milk is the best! Refuel with some chocolatey milk. Lactose intolerant? Try soy or almond chocolate milk.

Bananas, Apples, Blueberries
Smoothie time! Make a delicious smoothie with any or all of these healthy carbs. Not only are they healthy, but filling for a pre or post workout. Add apples or blueberries to a salad for an extra sweetness and fullness.

Sweet Potatoes
Nothing like some good sweet potatoes! Oven roast for some sweet potato “fries” or bake for a great tasting baked potato. Fill with some of your favorite veggies and some Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or butter.

Not all carbs are bad, and even some will carve out those abs! Combine these foods with your healthy lifestyle of exercise and wellness, and say hello to some tones tummies!