Be a Pro Protein Woman!

We all have probably read how lean protein is good for our muscles; and it helps us feel full and satisfied longer. What else can protein help with? Why else is it important to incorporate protein into our diet? When a craving hits, it’s most likely your need for protein. So instead of reaching for what we THINK we crave (sugar), grabbing something protein packed can eliminate those sweet cravings. Here are a few ways protein can help you in your everyday diet and common cravings.

Fill the right tank

When we are running low on protein, our bodies naturally want to go to a quick fix; which is normally a sugar fix (we’ve all been there!). Instead of grabbing a sugary soda, cookies, or pastry to get energy, try a protein packed snack instead. Greek yogurt, lean meats, or a handful of nuts will fill you up; and your energy will last a lot longer. Not only are these protein snacks satisfying, they won’t shut down your fat burning like some sugary sweets would.

Hunger games

So, you’ve finally got into the habit of eating breakfast; waking up early to make it or prepping the night before – but what are you making? Do your hunger cravings come on shortly after? You may not be getting enough protein in the A.M. Too many carbs (sugars) and not enough protein can not only make you feel less energetic, but can turn on that hunger hormone and make us hungry shortly after eating. Try the high protein packed Greek yogurt, eggs, or a protein packed smoothie instead.

Side Kick

Protein isn’t just for the A.M.; we should have a lean protein with every meal and snack! This makes sense for appetite, weight loss, and sustainable energy for your workouts. Having an apple? Pair it up with some almonds. Quinoa, legumes, nuts, and seeds are some other options for protein, especially for those who are vegetarian and vegan. No excuse to pack in that protein. Pre-plan your dinner around chicken, fish or another lean protein, along with some of your favorite veggies. Whether the protein in the “main event” or the side kick, adding to your meals will help you not look in the donut’s direction!

No Rush

Adding protein to your diet and meals is crucial, but also is who you digest and consume it. Chew slowly, don’t drink your shake super-fast, and try not to drink water during the meals. Doing the opposite of this can lead to low absorption; which leads to not getting the protein that you are trying to get in. Not enough protein will lead to more hunger and less of the benefits. Don’t cheat yourself!

Be a pro protein woman; and if you already are, try more variety of protein packed foods that you haven’t tried before. You’ll notice higher energy, lean muscle, and less hunger cravings. Go Protein!