Weight loss can be a long, bumpy road and certainly has its ups and downs. Sometimes when you’re in a “down state,” it helps to remember why you chose to embark on this journey and think about what truly motivates you.

There are many reasons to exercise, both intrinsic an extrinsic. To be intrinsically motivated is just a fancy psychology term for being motivated for inner reasons so you would exercise because you genuinely love to do so and it makes you feel good. Extrinsic motivation is linked to external or outside rewards and one may feel extrinsic motivation to exercise with the chance to win a contest, be praised by others, or to look good on that beach!
Think about what keeps you going!

Here are 5 factors for motivation to exercise:

1) To Look Good – Hey, it’s not shallow at all! We just want to look good. We want to be that babe on the beach that other women look at and wish they could have a body like ours! A wink or whistle here or there probably doesn’t hurt either.

2) To Feel Good – Besides the fact that when we look good, we feel good, exercising in general makes us feel good! Release those endorphins body! Get that runner’s high ladies! Kick your opponents in that game of beach volleyball. And soak in how great it feels to be active (and how lucky we are to be able to do so).

3) To Be Healthy – Spinning off of that last one, we can’t feel good if we aren’t healthy. There is a plethora of ailments and diseases from high blood pressure and heart disease to depression that exercise can not only prevent but potentially even slow down or cure. What would you rather do? Drown in hospital bills or get off your butt and move for thirty minutes a day?

4) Social Connections – Joining a gym or enrolling in boot camp workouts are an incredible way to meet new friends. Not only are the other members like-minded and focused on health and fitness but they’ve all got that endorphin releasing thing going on too, which means they’re probably AWESOME! There’s still time to find an accountability partner. Talk to your workout buddies about signing up for a 5K or one of those crazy obstacle course races too! Start a hiking club, try surfing together, or just take a cruise on your bicycles around town together. There are SO many ways to be social through exercising. It makes for a pretty good time too!

5) Stress Release – A lack of the aforementioned things can ALL lead to extra stress on top of the everyday work, family, relationships, money, and life stress. So why not bust your butt and eliminate some of that stress and just improve your overall quality of life? Beats us!

If you’re still not feeling motivation to exercise after considering how amazing a great workout really is, you may want to try taking some extreme measures… Rip out some of the pages from the Victoria’s Secret swim section and post them on your fridge or hang a picture of yourself from a time when you were more fit in your mirror so you can be reminded each morning and night how good you can look and how badly you want this.