The family that plays together stays together

So, come play with us! Have you ever gone paddleboarding before? I know lots of you have talked about trying it. Here’s your chance. Come play with the Bootique’ers on Mission Bay in a couple of weeks..

San Diego paddleboarding with Bootique details

When: Saturday, Oct 13th, 3:00-5:00 pm

Where: Mission Bay

How: (This event is SOLD OUT)

There are only 13 spaces available, so secure your spot now. Once you pay, I have you on the list and your spot is secured. We’ll meet at Aqua Adventure (1548 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109) at 2:45 and take off on the water at 3:00. No experience necessary. Paddleboards area fun core workout and relatively easy to stay up on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paddleboarding

Why should I try Stand-up Paddleboarding?
It’s a fun, new way to workout on that water with views better than you’ll find on any fitness classroom. Plus, it’s easy to learn with just a couple quick tips.

Does Paddleboarding count as exercise?
Paddleboarding is a great workout for your core muscles. Between keeping your balance and rotating your core to stroke the paddle, paddleboarding provides a great total body workout that can burn up to 225 calories for the average paddler.

What should I wear for Paddleboarding?
Wear clothes that let you move and that can get wet (just in case). Shorts and t-shirts/tank tops are good options. Swimsuits are good in warm weather. You can either wear water shoes or go barefoot.

What other things should I bring on my PaddleBoarding trip?
You may want to bring: a hat, sunglasses (with a strap if you have one), sunscreen, drinking water and a camera if you wish.

See you on the water!