A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came home from a long day at the mall. Excited to hear about her new buys, I asked in anticipation what clothing items she had bought, only to find myself shocked by her answer. “I didn’t buy anything,” she replied. “WHAT?! Nothing? Not even one dress? One shirt? WHY?,” I asked, confused. (Yes, I admit when I go to the mall I come home with 5 bags but that’s besides the point.) “Cause nothing fit me in my size,” she responded. “And there is no way I was buying clothes in the next size up!”

After that day, I really started thinking about size and how today’s society today defines everything by size. It’s as if size defines the person, or brands them in a way. There are the tiny size ‘model-like’ types, the petites, the ‘average size 8’ and the ‘plus-size’ crew.

It’s funny how that tiny little number on the tag holds such a great amount of meaning to some people.

After all, it’s a measly strip of nylon! And, yes, I’ll admit that I myself have been a culprit of this ridiculous thinking. I once refused to buy a pair of jeans because they were a size bigger than I usually wear. So instead, I bought the size too small that didn’t look nearly as flattering, hoping I’d squeeze into them some day.

But why do we do this to ourselves? If you’ve been working out and feel good about yourself, then treat yourself to a new pair of jeans that you think you look great in, rather than a too-small size that temporarily make you feel great, but that you can barely zip. Otherwise, no one’s going to see your great figure anyway.

In the end, you have to remind yourself that every store’s sizes run differently and they are always changing. So, if an outfit fits you and makes you look slimmer, then go for the bigger size! I promise, no one’s going to know. And hey, cut the tag off if it really bothers you that much.

And remember: sizes by all means don’s define who you are and don’t showcase your overall appearance. Remind yourself every once in a while that you’re absolutely beautiful just the way you are (despite your jean size).