Or we give ourselves what we think we deserve.

We’ve all had these moments: we justify a weakness or a shortcoming with something out of the ordinary that has just ccurred in our lives.

For example, “I start my new job Monday so I deserve to stay home all weekend and be lazy” or “I worked out extra hard tonight so I deserve this piece of cheesecake.” Other instances may be when you have a bad day or just get home after a hellish amount of traffic and decide that you basically “earned” the right to just sit down on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Breakups, fights, and other emotional problems are other surefire triggers.

We’re all guilty of this sort of backwards justification from time to time. Just because you worked really hard or had a bad day doesn’t mean that you necessarily deserve anything. Of course, you’re allowed to want these things and it’s your choice whether or not you indulge. However, keep in mind that you are setting yourself back a step each time you allow yourself a slip.

Imagine you burned 600 calories at boot camp and then came home and ate pizza and ice cream? Now replace that meal with salmon and some healthy vegetables. Your fitness goals would be fulfilled so much sooner if you made choices like the latter! And yes, it’s true – we like efficiency here in America – very much so.

Speaking of how to speed up your results, here is the other BIG way not to speed up results: EXCUSES.

“I’m stressed, I have no time, it’s raining/pouring/freezing/hailing (you never know in San Diego!), I’m still sore from the last workout, I’m too busy with work, I have other plans, and I just don’t feel like it” are all very common reasons for skipping a workout. Are they legitimate? Probably less than 10% of the time.

Mind Power

The concept that ties all of these excuses and over-justifications together is the fact they are all UP TO YOU!

You make the choice whether or not to workout. You make the choice to say no to dessert and midnight snacks. Oftentimes the reason that we fall back is due to lack in motivation. Sometimes it is just laziness. Okay, we aren’t drill sergeants, every once in awhile it’s okay to be lazy. Just make sure it truly is every once in a

[great] while or else you will not see the results you want.

Keep Track of Your Progress!

This has surely been mentioned in the past and is worth mentioning again: record your progress! This is a powerful motivation tool in that you will see all the ways in which you are progressing and will be able to see how far you’ve come at any given point just by flipping back a few pages.

It can be on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Once a month, we do assessments to measure your weight, BMI, and total body fat percentage. However, you can do more on your own time by writing down what you eat each day, what you did for exercise, how you felt before, during, and after exercise, things you did that you were proud of and things you could improve. This could literally be a journal entry of half of a page or less! Thanks to technology, there are plenty apps and websites that help you monitor your progress. A great website is Myfitnesspal.com.

Take a moment in each journal entry to think about what awesome choices you made that are helping you reach your goals and what choices you made that might be holding you back. Identifying them is the first step. Changing them is the second!

Keep rockin’ ladies!