Water is our body’s favorite source of hydration and it goes hand in hand with our fitness goals. The idea of “detox” waters has probably gotten us excited about putting the glass to our lips, but do we understand the purpose of these cleansing waters?

It’s hard to find any firm evidence of these drinks actually doing detox-ing, but we think it’s important that you understand the benefits of the ingredients being introduced to your water. Nutrients in food that are absorbed by our bodies are attached to these water molecules. Let’s see what sorts of goodness we’re allowing to enter our bodies through water.

Water Helps You Absorb Ginger

Ginger is known for its effect on inflammation, making it great as a pain reliever. Ginger comes in handy during our Red Dot Special, and if a teaspoon of ginger is taken daily over the course of two weeks it can gradually decrease muscle soreness after a great workout. Dr. Mercola, osteophysician & author has found through research that consuming thermogenic ingredients like ginger may boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, increase fat burning by up to 16 percent.

The oil from the root, Gingerol is also cytotoxic. This means that it has the ability to rid the body of cancer cell relating to the blood, lungs, breasts and our ovaries
Adding this tasty spice root to your water assists the body with fat absorption and digestion, gradually relieves pain and muscle soreness, and can begin scanning and removing cancer cells from your immune system.

Water Helps You Absorb Grapefruit

More than just a fat burner! A big misconception is that the grapefruit is the Holy Grail fruit for fat loss. It metabolizes fat, yes; but this cross between the pomelo and sweet orange comes packed with a lot of other properties that we probably take for granted. Keeping the skin clear and hydration are great, but what else can you expect from those ruby red pulps?

Grapefruit supports functions like heart health, lowering the risk of stroke for women, lowering blood pressure, digestion and regularity due to its fiber content, and it even combats free radicals in the body that cause cancer.

A few slices added to your water can bring in all of these great benefits. Include grapefruits in salads as well, or have a bowl on the side of any meal! There are signs though that grapefruits may cause the body to decrease the metabolism of prescribed medicines. Be sure to consult your physician to learn about the interaction of grapefruit and your medications.

Water Helps You Absorb Lemon

When life gives you lemons…add them to your water to strengthen your immune system, clean your stomach, and even purify your blood! What do lemon oils do for our body?

Water Helps You Absorb Ginger Prevent Against Kidney Stones

Dehydration is always on our radar while we exercise, and it has been observed to be a risk factor in the development of kidney stones. The lemon’s juices in your water are also capable of preventing the formation of kidney stone crystals.

Water Helps You Absorb Prevent Against Gallstone

Gallstones develop in the gallbladder, for example, by eating too many foods that are high in cholesterol. Sadly, of all cases of gallstones, cholesterol stones are the most prominent (two types: cholesterol, and pigment). To help your body keep the gallbladder regulated, you can start by asking for a few slices of lemon with your water before a meal.

If you ever have a gallstone, the blockage of the bile duct can cause a gallbladder attack. They don’t sound like fun at all, so why not take small measures now to prevent them? As women, we are more likely to have gallstones develop in our kidneys than men. Let’s raise a glass to enjoying the refreshing properties of the lemon in water! After this, you may want to bring in some zesty flavor to your foods. Use it on salads, in sauces, with steamed vegetables, or any other creative way you can think of!