A foam roller is a great tool to use on tight muscles to relieve soreness and correct muscle imbalances. When a muscle becomes overly tight, it pulls on the muscles around it which will often cause you pain in the surrounding muscles. Take your hips for example. Because it is common to sit for long hours of the day, your hips are in a shortened position and become overly tight. Overly tight hips will pull on the muscles in your low back and cause you low back pain.

These types of muscle imbalances can be found all over your body: quadriceps and hamstrings, chest and back… You can use a foam roller on any large muscle group. You do not want to roll over tender areas like your joints, low back and neck.

Sarah, one of our San Diego Personal Trainers, will show you exactly how to use a foam roller in the above video. If you have any more questions, leave a comment and we’ll give you the answers.

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