After losing 90 lbs. and working out for over 15 years I couldn’t believe that I would enjoy working out again, but Jaylin and bootique fitness have done that for me!

The first time I met Jaylin was on an early Saturday morning at 7 am. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by an energetic, friendly, fit and fun personal trainer. I told her that my primary goal was to get in better shape for my wedding, and Jaylin made that happen! For three full months, I came to Jaylin’s group training classes 3 times each week. I so looked forward to those sacred hours with Jaylin. She was super upbeat and made it easy (well, easier!) to get into the groove of working out, even after a long day. I feel that the time and positive energy that Jaylin gave me was more than worth the cost.

Jaylin made bootique fitness impressive and unique. She made the classes available to many professionals who most often use time as a reason to not work out. In addition to a fun co-ed group, she offered an all-women’s group, too. Jaylin realized that so many people do not work out for fear that they will be judged, but when there is a class available for people like you, it makes working out more appealing.

Finally, what I really like about Jaylin is that she gives back to the community. Some or all of the money she retained for the classes was donated to local charities, and to me that says a lot about Jaylin and her work ethic. Not only is she in a career that helps others get healthy, but she donates some of the proceeds to others in need. I really enjoy working out with Jaylin!