I get bored VERY easily, especially with working out, BUT that all changed once I started Bootique Fitness. I was hooked from the very first workout. I have NOT had duplicate workout, they always have something different for you, which is awesome! I loved the fact that it’s an all girls atmosphere, so no creepy guys looking at you or competing with you- and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we workout outside. Jaylin is awesome! She’s full of energy, always smiling, and most definitely cares about helping you reach your goals. What I love is that she sends out very informative emails with articles such as what foods you should buy when you’re doing groceries, and fat loss tips. Another thing I should point out is- Jaylin is always planning different free events for the public such as Sunday boot camp, and even hiking!

I want and must point out that I had to physically miss a couple classes last week, but didnt really miss class… LOL No! I’m not contradicting myself right here… I was able to workout with the Bootique girls because guess what?? They post workouts that you can do on your own at home! I mean, yeah… I’d rather be outside working out, but if you can’t attend class- they have options for you.

My list of reasons why I love Bootique fitness goes on and on… Bottom line is- If you hate going to the gym, Bootique Fitness is where you should workout.

If motivation is your biggest problem- Bootique fitness has that covered, the trainers are motivational and always helping you do your best! If you don’t have time to make it to one class- don’t worry, Bootique Fitness has tons of morning classes and late afternoon classes you can attend. My advice to you is- STOP wasting time, summer is right around the corner! The faster you start, the better you’ll feel and look!

PS- Their Zumba classes on Tuesday and Thursday KICK BUTT. I’m hooked!