Valentine’s Day is Friday!

While red roses, chocolates, and Valentine’s Day cards are swirling around us, don’t forget about your true love – you! This day is not just about showing love to those you care for; it is showing love to our bodies and our whole self. Here are some self-love tips for Valentine’s Day that can last all year around!

Jump Start Your Heart

Your special Valentine may already make your heart flutter, but take it into your own hands and plan (or keep) your workout today. Indulge in lunges and squats. Treat yourself to crunches. Savor some kettlebells. Not only will your body thank you, but so will your Valentine!

Sweet Thing

This day is as sweet as you are! Have a piece of dark chocolate or a chocolate covered strawberry (just not the whole box). Share with a friend, co-workers, or your Valentine. Make sure to still eat a well-balanced meal throughout the day; this will ensure not having too much of a sweet thing.

Showered With Affection

After your workout and sweet treat, take a long bath or shower to relax and de-stress. Use special bath salts or a new scented wash. Light those sweet smelling candles you’ve been waiting to burn. Display the flowers you received in a nice vase to help keep you in good spirits. Didn’t get flowers from anyone? Walk down to that flower stand and get some for your true love (you!) – She’ll thank you for it.

Whether you are going out on the town or staying in this Valentine’s Day, remember to nurture your body and mind in the healthiest way possible. Enjoy this day for yourself, your loved ones, and the love you feel in your strong, healthy heart. And remember, this day comes just once a year, but self-love should be instilled all year long. xoxo