Work all your muscles in just 5 minutes in this boot camp workout.

Sarah, a San Diego Boot Camp Instructor, demonstrates how to maximize your workout in just 5 simple moves targeting every muscle for a full body workout.

Set your interval timer to 50 seconds and 10 seconds. You’ll do 5 exercises back to back without rest. After 1 round, take a 30 second rest and do it again.

Commit to it!

Each circuit is just 5 minutes – just a tiny part of your day. Even if you do 4 rounds plus your warm up and stretch, you’ll still be done in less than half an hour. Focus on what your doing and make the best of your workout to reap the best rewards.

Boot Camp Exercise #1: Wide push up
Boot Camp Exercise #2: Prisoner squat
Boot Camp Exercise #3: Burpee
Boot Camp Exercise #4: Side lunge
Boot Camp Exercise #5: Low, medium, high abs

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