Looking to cut calories but still enjoy the foods you love? Our motto is everything in moderation, so we have come up with a list of ways you can cut calories each day while still feeling like you are indulging.

Choosing to include several of these tips can save you a whopping 300 calories per day without feeling deprived.

Hold the cheese, please

A single slice of deli cheese, such as swiss, provolone or muenster, is about 100 calories, but when you order a sandwich at the counter, they usually pile on three or four. Ask for half the cheese and you will save between 100 and 200 calories while still enjoying all that cheesy goodness.

Choose your fruit wisely

Fruit is a great addition to any healthy diet, but it’s important to choose carefully if you are watching your waistline. Fruits with higher water content tend to be lower in calories, such as oranges or watermelon. Swap you morning banana for a small orange and you can save about 75 calories

Egg-celerate your weight loss

Eggs are a nutritious way to start your day, but since they are loaded with protein, they also contain some calories. Instead of your usual three egg omelet, use two instead and then load it with yummy veggies like spinach and mushrooms to keep you full. Taking out just one egg will save 70-90 calories.

Be picky with your pie

Pizza is pretty much our favorite, but not all pizzas are created equal. With so many crust swaps out there like thin crust, cauliflower or gluten free, the base of your pie has never been better, or tastier. In addition, opt for a pizza loaded with veggies and hold the greasy meats like pepperoni and sausage and you can save as much as 1,000 calories per 14’ pie.

Learn to share

Can’t bear the thought of enjoying a burger with no fries? Split an order with a friend. Generally speaking, one French fry contains about 5 calories. Share 10 with a friend and that’s automatically 50 calories off your plate.

Lighten up your dressing

A typical salad dressing serving is two tablespoons and about 150 calories for the creamier dressings. Make your own at home using olive oil, balsamic, garlic, tamari and a little mustard and cut that calorie count in half. And if you use just one tablespoon instead of two you net out at just about 30 calories per serving.

Steer clear of high-abv beer

You can actually still enjoy an occasional beer, just be mindful of what you are drinking. Beer with lower alcohol content (or ABV) tend to have fewer calories than those with a high ABV. Brands do vary, so check the calorie counts online, but you can save anywhere from 75-100 calories by choosing a beer with a 4.2 ABV as opposed to a 7.3 ABV.

Question: What are your favorite tips and tricks to shaving off calories?