Let’s be honest, we don’t just work out for health reasons alone… We work out because we want to look good! There’s nothing wrong with admitting that. In fact, there are a few tricks of the trade that will help you show off your body in a way that works best for you! Use these 5 tips to look slimmer instantly!

Look slimmer instantly tip #1: Determine your body shape.

Most women will fall into one of these four categories: hourglass, rectangle, pear-shaped or apple-shaped. After determining your shape, strive to create balance when dressing your body. For a pear shape (fuller in the hips and smaller in the chest, choose solid colors to dress the lower half and a cute, flirty top to adorn your upper half. Learn to accessorize as well. Belts help create a waistline or accentuate a natural one, mid-length boots can help elongate short legs, and so on. A quick way to cheat to get the look you want is to buy a magazine and look at the shapes of the models (yes, some of them aren’t just stick thin) or celebrities and pick one with the body type closest to yours. Then dress yourself in a similar fashion.

Look slimmer instantly tip #2: Avoid fabrics that cling to your body

so tight that people can see your glands through your shirt. Sure, that’s an exaggeration, but what’s not is how bad clingy, ill-fitting clothes can make you look. You don’t have to go the complete opposite path and buy clothes that are too big. Instead, opt for clothes that fit and graze your body, not cling to it.

You can buy clothes that have built-in eye fooling technology to help mask certain areas you wish to conceal. Well, that’s not totally true. There is no built-in eye fooling technology that will help you do that. However, just as black is slimming, so are certain cuts and patterns. Choose some that will help dress you up in a fabulous manner while concealing any areas that you don’t want to highlight.

Look slimmer instantly tip #3: Wear a supportive bra

We’ve all seen that girl running by with an un-supportive sports bra on, right? Even though you can’t choose the size of your breasts, you can choose the best bra to properly support them. Nothing can send a great outfit into an ill-fitting mess more than an un-supportive bra. Be sure to choose this undergarment wisely in order to keep attention on how great you look.

Look slimmer instantly tip #4: When all else fails…

Go with your gut when it comes to fashion. If you want to wear white after Labor Day, go for it! If you’re petite and you want to don a maxi dress, why not? Fashion rules can be uptight and rigid. It’s all about what looks great on you and the attitude you have to pull it off. If you’ve been working out and you know you look great, show it! That’s the best accessory there is.