You probably didn’t think that a square piece of metal would be the thing to derail your fat loss… but that is often the case. At first, you may enjoy stepping on the cold metal and seeing the number it gives you – especially when that number keeps dropping. But – what happens if the number doesn’t drop? Does that mean something is wrong with you? No – it doesn’t!

While the scale is a perfectly good tool for measuring how much your body weighs, it cannot tell you how fit you are, what shape you are in or even how much muscle or fat you have. It cannot measure if you are strong or weak, healthy or sick or even whether or not you are attractive.

Can a scale make you happy?

When scales became a common part of everyone’s bathroom decor, people became more obsessed with body weight numbers. Ironically, most people kept getting heavier and heavier. At the same time, Hollywood is setting unrealistic standards of what your body weight should be. Is that healthy? No.

This obsession affects women more than men. Unfortunately, this leads women to go to extreme lengths in an attempt to achieve a certain ‘perfect’ body weight and ignoring the more important factors like body fat, muscle mass, and bone density. Aside from it’s affects on your body shape and self-esteem, carrying more body fat puts you at a higher risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and arthritis; while having more lean muscle and denser bones is a preventative factor against injuries and disease.

When women work out in our San Diego boot camp classes, they naturally shed body fat from the type of workouts we do (which is one of the best ways to get rid of body fat, along with an unprocessed diet). That is huge in terms of overall health and fitness but it may not show a big difference on the scale. Don’t let what movement you see or don’t see on the scale be the most important factor in how you determine your health and happiness. To stay motivated on your fitness journey, change how you measure your health.

More than just a number

At Bootique Fitness, our trainers know that you’re more than just a number; which is why we provide monthly assessments that track your progress with body fat analysis, measurements and photos. Sure, we use a scale in the assessments as well. However, Bootique Fitness trainers advocate weighing all the factors when setting goals for a healthy lifestyle. By no means is weight the only or even the most pressing factor to focus on for the women at our outdoor boot camp classes.

This year, stop judging your health and body by the number you read on your scale. It’s not helping you and it’s time to do something different. If your clothes are tighter and tighter, or if you’re buying another bigger size this year, don’t even bother getting on the scale. Instead, recognize that your body fat level is rising and that it’s in your best health interest to do something about it right now before it gets any worse.

Set a goal to achieve a body size that is realistic for you. It’s not about looking like a runway model. Plan to look like a fit and healthy woman of your age because you are eating well and exercising often. This is the body you should aim for, one that you can absolutely achieve – especially with the added support and professional instruction you get from Bootique Fitness and the women in our boot camps. You can get started now, just contact Jaylin at 619.602.8087. Together, we can determine realistic goals for you and a plan to achieve them this year.