With June’s National Running Day, we can’t help but think that running isn’t such a bad thing for San Diego fitness enthusiasts to celebrate. For many, running is a hassle and an unpleasant way to get into shape. However, if used the right way, running can yield weight loss results out of this world and not be such a bore to do.

Here are some common mistakes that people make when trying to incorporate running into their workout regime:

It is so easy to fall into a trap of running at a constant, repetitive pace.

When one runs the same distance at the same speed day after day, the body will become comfortable and as a result burn fewer calories over time. Yes, initially you will see a few lbs. being shed but it won’t take much time before you see that weight loss flat line.

Running doesn’t have to be so boring and frustrating, instead take the right steps to run with intensity and efficiency. By doing this, your body will be thanking you and you will save precious time. The idea is to run less for shorter amounts of time but lose more weight. You will still want to shoot for running three to five times per week but you will only have to commit about 20 minutes on the days that you do run.

Run in intervals instead

As part of the San Diego fitness community, you have heard or used intervals and seen how effective they are. Intervals are when you do a high intensity workout for a short period of time and then follow it with a period of resting time, where you heard rate lowers. By spicing up your monotonous running routine, you will burn more calories and get noticeable results. As an added bonus, you will continue to burn calories during your cool down and after your workout. It is good to switch up routines even within your interval workouts, so don’t be afraid to try short, medium, and long intervals.

Give these interval options a try and see just how fun and effective running can be.

Interval #1: Short and Sweet

On a flat surface/trail, speed up to a hard and solid pace for about 15 seconds. Follow this with a recovery jog or walk for 60 seconds. Repeat.

Interval #2: Slow repetition

On a flat surface/trail, speed up to a hard and solid pace for approximately 30 seconds. Follow this with a recovery jog or walk for about 60 seconds. Repeat four times to start out.

Interval #3: Long repetition

Run at a steady pace for about a 1/4 of a mile. Follow by a jog or walk for approximately two miles. Repeat four times to start out.*Try to build on your repetitions each time you run. Also, for an exciting, booty busting, heart pumping challenge, Hit The Hills.