What type of shoes you wear for your workout is just as important and the type of workout you do to maintain your health. It’s not vain to want a pair of fantastic workout shoes. However, fashion should never trump functionality when choosing a fitness shoe. Thankfully, you won’t have to choose fashion over function or vice versa with these cute Zumba shoes.

The shoe “Glagla” may be a bit silly to pronounce, but the shoe is all business.

Check out a brief review of the shoes by Bootique Fitness member Marjorie.

“After looking at a lot of alternative shoes for Zumba, I decided to try Glagla shoes (the name is French for BrrBrr, meaning they keep your feet cool). They are unbelievably light and flexible, but have a thick sole for cushioning. They also are available in any color you can think of and can be worn as boat shoes or just for everyday wear. I cannot tell you yet how long they last, since I have only had them for 3 Zumba classes, but I can tell you that they feel great.”

You may be wondering why you would need Zumba shoes. As mentioned earlier, the type of shoes you want for a workout depends on the type of workout you do. Think about it. If you’re a runner, you want running shoes that gave extra support to protect not only your feet, but joints and knees. If you’re a ballet or tap dancer you need the right shoes. You couldn’t just throw on any everyday shoe and begin a ballet session. The same thing goes for Zumba fitness classes. While a typical gym shoe will do the trick when beginning Zumba, it’s a wise move to think about a shoe that can withstand the vigorous workout that Zumba dance classes provide.

A few things to remember when selecting a Zumba shoe are:

1) Make sure the shoes are lightweight. You’ll be moving a lot and you will want a shoe that is light enough that it won’t slow you down.

2) Make sure the shoes are the right fit. Again, because you will be moving in a variety of ways it is imperative to have a shoe that fits well and won’t leave any blisters or other cause pressure on your feet.

3) Make sure the shoes are made form breathable materials. In addition to them being lightweight, any Zumba shoe you are thinking of purchasing should be made from materials such as mesh in order to allow the foot to cool during your workout.

Fortunately for us in San Diego, Coolest Shoes in California just opened a store in Carlsbad last week. Owners Bill and Christine Davis are very helpful to fit you for the perfect shoe! NOTE: Glagla shoes run big. I had to try on a pair that was 1 1/2 sizes smaller than my normal size. The Carlsbad store carries an incredible assortment of colors guaranteed to fit your style – plus you get the instant gratification of walking out with your new shoes (that fit) for Zumba.

With Marjorie’s recommendation, you can be well on your way to selecting a great Zumba shoe. Join our Bootique Fitness Zumba classes. Bring your new shoes and come party with the ladies of Bootique Fitness!