Stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course… turkey. No matter how your family does it, it’s that time of year for eating, drinking, and being merry. Just because there may be an abundance of food going around at work, home, and school doesn’t mean we have to forget our goals and get off track. Here are some ways to avoid falling of course with Thanksgiving just a couple weeks away!

All the Small Things

It’s Thanksgiving and you might want to indulge in some holiday treats; go for it! BUT… don’t overdo it. Pick your favorite food and use a small plate, fork, etc…Savor each bite and drink water with it. This will keep you nice and full and less tempted to go for another round. Although it’s tempting to do, don’t starve yourself until Thanksgiving dinner! Not only will this make you super hungry, but you’ll end up making bad food and drink choices because of it. Eat well as usual during the day and even plan on bringing a healthy side or snack option to Thanksgiving dinner. Keep on track during the days before, and day of, and you will avoid over-stuffing yourself like your turkey!

Get On Up

Giving thanks also means giving thanks to your body, health, and well-being! Make Thanksgiving workouts fun by signing up for a morning Turkey Trot 5K, runs/walks that give to a good cause, or plan a nice long walk with the family after dinner to calm those full stomachs. If your gym is open, take advantage of not waiting for equipment! If it’s too cold to work out outside, stay inside and workout to a Bootique video of your choice. Regardless of what exercise you pick, you’ll feel so much better physically and mentally; knowing you didn’t get off track on a holiday.

It’s Such a, Good Hydration

Your feeling of hunger and temptation to snack on unhealthy options could be your need for water (dehydration). Especially in the cooler months, we may be less likely to drink as much water as we should. Minimize the road to dehydration and too many caloric beverages by keeping a water bottle with you at all times! Try flavored sparkling water (no sugar or fake stuff added) for a different taste. It gives you that bubbly champagne feeling without the calories. Sip water in between meals and other drinks, and you’ll see how this helps reduce calories and help with overeating.

Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

We can always count on Juli at to create delicious, healthy recipes for us! Here’s a round of her best Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving is a time to give gratitude to friends, family, and yourself. Spending time with loved ones doesn’t have to mean unhealthy foods and lack of activity. Trying some of these tips for cutting some holiday calories and discovering creative ways to work in just a few minutes to be active will be giving gratitude to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!