Dr Katie Fox

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Dr Katie enjoys being held accountable, doing quick and effective workouts and the camaraderie and teamwork in our San Diego boot camps. "Bootique fitness is one of a kind! I love the fact that the workouts are never the same and Jaylin and Ed are always challenging you to take it up a notch. Trust me 45 minutes really can [...]


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Robbin has truly changed her life! She is no longer pre-diabetic and has shrunk her tumors! She is an inspiration to us all!


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Janet has lost over 40 lbs in our boot camp and Zumba classes! She loves the encouragement, camaraderie, support and accountability she feels with our program. She is surpassing her goals having just completed a 8.2 mile run/walk where she ran 4.5 miles. Most importantly, she has her life back!


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Sara LOVES working out with Bootique Fitness! Bootique is fun and addicting! I never in a million years thought I would be saying working out for me has become a very good addiction. I incorporate Bootique Fitness into my daily life, and I still have a life. For someone who hates to work out, this place rocks the party, that [...]


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At 42, Lila feels like a kid again! Full of energy, optimism and a desire to be fit and active. Bootique fitness, moreover, Jaylin has changed my life for the better. I used to resent my alarm clock and drag myself to work. Now, I can't wait to wake up and face the day. Boot camp is about strength and [...]


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Jamah has always been active, but she hit a plateau she couldn't get past... until she came to train with Bootique Fitness. I love Bootique Fitness! The trainers are fantastic! The trainers really pay attention to your specific needs an goals. Since going to bootcamp on a regular basis (5x a week), I have noticed a drastic difference in my [...]


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Bootique Fitness is AWESOME!! I recommend Jaylin's outdoor fitness classes to anyone who wants to stay fit. I haven't been going long but the way the classes are designed, you don't have to be there for weeks to pick it up. Also, the other members are friendly and they make you feel like you have been working out with them [...]


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Jaylin is wonderful! I never in a million years thought I would ever WANT to leave my house at 6am to go do squats (and other things) in the rain or shine, but bootique is the best. Once I get myself out of bed and to class, (I'll admit it's a struggle) I have so much fun and feel wonderful [...]


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My life took off in a new direction the summer I met Jaylin. For many years, I had found every possible excuse not to keep a regular exercise routine: I hate gyms, I am too busy, my knee hurts too much. I never expected that an early morning, all-girls, outdoor, intense but fun fitness class would be the kick I [...]