Fitness Hiking in San Diego

There really is no place like Southern California, especially when it comes to hiking spots. With miles of the coast line and some of the most stunning hiking trails, you really don’t have to travel far to get a good fitness hike in.

Fitness in San Diego Gets Social

In fact, hiking is such a social sport that you probably won’t even notice just how much of a workout it is. Sure, you can tell you are breaking a sweat but climbing those hills and getting that heart pumping seems a lot easier when you are catching up with a friend.

Where are San Diego’s Best Fitness Hiking Trails

Some of San Diego’s best fitness hiking trails include: Oak Canyon Hike, Iron Mountain Hike, Torrey Pines Trails, Romana Waterfall Hike, Sunset Cliffs Beach, Three Sisters Falls Hike, and many more close by. There is nothing better than getting out and clearing your head, being one with nature, and bettering your health. Grab a backpack, some water, your tennis shoes, and get hiking.

Group Hike This Sunday, May 1st

Join Bootique Fitness for a Free Hike This Sunday at 10:00. We’re hiking Torrey Pines. Get details by clicking

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