15 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

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With the holiday's approaching, there are more and more challenges to losing weight. That doesn't have to be your story though. All you need a some go-to strategies that work for you. When the days get shorter and your to-do list gets longer, keep this list of 21 ways to lose weight in sight.  15 Weight Loss Strategies Make a [...]

10 Secrets to Losing Weight by Grilling

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Grilling has to be one of the best ways to enjoy Summertime meals - plus it's a great way to cook foods that promote weight loss. What's better than firing up the grill, loading it with your favorite meats, seafood and veggies and simply relaxing in the summer sun while all the work is being done. Well, maybe it's not that simple... but it sure beats staying [...]

How To Kick Food Cravings!

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FOOD CRAVINGS! We all get them! For those trying to lose weight and stay fit, they can be quite an obstacle. Whether you find yourself with a food craving for sweet chocolate, salty chips, cheesy pizza, creamy pasta, bagels, or all of the above!... our personal trainers want to talk about why your food cravings happen and how best to deal with them to [...]

3 Major Diet Disruptions and How to Stay on Track

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The journey to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle can have its trials and tribulations; we strive to make positive change but are surrounded by roadblocks and diversions that can kick us completely off course. While we all battle with a unique set of inner and outer struggles in our daily lives, there are some smart ways to overcome those [...]

3 Tips to Kick the Cravings

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It's mid-morning or mid-afternoon and your solid breakfast/lunch has officially worn off, but there is something lingering. It's a sugar craving and you the culprit is - your sweet tooth! To avoid giving in, follow these simple steps. 1. Identify what kind of craving sends you to your knees Do you have a sweet spot? Well, of course you do, [...]

Does Halloween Make You Fat?

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Trick Your Treat! It is that time of year again - the kickoff to holiday madness. Before one festivity ends, it seems like preparation for the next one has already started. The temptation that comes along with each holiday can get overwhelming and very frustrating when you are striving to stick to a specific calorie intake plan. To kick the [...]

The Trick of Scale

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When you want to lose weight, a scale is not your best friend It turns out - your best friend is food! Many factors will cause the scale to show a change in your weight. You could be 5 pounds lighter just by staying in a sauna for 30 minutes and sweating. But this type of weight loss returns once [...]

Breathe your way to better posture and less weight in 5 min

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Good posture is more than just good manners. Most people aren't breathing properly and their bodies show it. They tend to take shallow breaths into their chest rather than breathing deep into their diaphragm muscles. This adds to the tension in the neck and shoulders and can limit your thoracic spine and shoulder mobility. The body is a kinetic chain, [...]