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Valerie appreciates that Bootique Fitness is a complete package. Not just a 45 min class, but lots of support and information online and in emails. The program has knowledgeable trainers who put together interesting, fun, & challenging workouts. Bootique Fitness rocks! I've been a member for about 5 months and I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am with [...]


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Leslie was a small girl when she came to us but she still continues to lose 1 lb per week. She likes that she's motivated to come to class, be pushed, and make friends. She warns you: Boot camp in San Diego is very addictive. I've played many sports and done every type of workout, but this is awesome! You [...]


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Colleen loves coming to boot camp! Before starting this boot camp in San Diego, she could never commit to anything fitness related. Now, she enjoys being in boot camp and seeing remarkable results all over her body, especially her waist. I was never one to exercise, not consistently anyway, and now I am one of those people who says, 'I [...]


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Hayley has lost 20 pounds and inches off all over her body! She loves the high energy of the trainers and how much easier they make it to get up in the morning. This mother of 4 is happy, motivated and energized because of boot camp! "I've been taking your boot camp for 6 weeks and I just wanted to [...]


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The results make me feel happy, proud, lighter, stronger and much healthier. "The trainers are unbelievable, supportive, motivating. They hold you accountable and challenge you like no other. "I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM!!! I keep coming back! Thanks Jaylin! Ugh. I was a gym rat. Never again. The smells of most gyms are awful and you're stuck inside on beautiful days. [...]


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Ashley has lost over 27 lbs and has great muscle tone in her arms and legs. She's gained the strength to do full push ups, she knows how to eat supportively and has been able to eliminate pain in her body. Boot camp with Bootique Fitness has been the one thing I have found that I can actually stick with. [...]


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Carol is happy she found a program where she doesn't feel intimidated. I'm seeing results, I have a lot of fun. The gals I work out with are great group of girls and the trainers are amazing. I encourage everybody to come out and try it. Like me, you'll have fun every time you show up. I am so excited [...]


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Michaela lost 20 lbs and found her love of being active again. I started up with Bootique almost two years ago and I'm obsessed with it. It's the only thing I've ever consistently stuck with that keeps being fun, worthwhile, motivating, and delivers results. Jaylin, Ed, and all of the other trainers are fantastic and always have something new and [...]