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At 42, Lila feels like a kid again! Full of energy, optimism and a desire to be fit and active. Bootique fitness, moreover, Jaylin has changed my life for the better. I used to resent my alarm clock and drag myself to work. Now, I can't wait to wake up and face the day. Boot camp is about strength and [...]


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Jamah has always been active, but she hit a plateau she couldn't get past... until she came to train with Bootique Fitness. I love Bootique Fitness! The trainers are fantastic! The trainers really pay attention to your specific needs an goals. Since going to bootcamp on a regular basis (5x a week), I have noticed a drastic difference in my [...]


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Since she began with Bootique Fitness 6 months ago, she has finally found a program that makes her want to workout regularly and now she's not only leaner, but she's back into the small jeans she didn't think she could fit into ever again! Between your emails, classes and contagious enthusiasm I feel like I'm part of a community and [...]


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Started boot camp as she was finishing law school. Found that boot camp was a great way to counteract all the sitting around studying, stressing and eating unhealthy foods that law school brings. In just 2 months, she's in great shape, her clothes fit better and she's so confident in her ability that she has signed up for a ½ [...]


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Tiffany has experienced great results in her overall health and fitness with 7.5% less body fat! She can feel the difference and her husband and kids can see the difference. The program has been very beneficial to me. I have increased my strength, lost weight, and increased my overall fitness level. There is NEVER a dull moment or repetitive exercise. [...]


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Liz raves about feeling motivated, healthier, and toned. She hasn't felt this great since high school. She is committed to a new healthy lifestyle with exercising and eating supportively. Bootique Fitness is doing an awesome job kicking my butt! Thanks for your dedication to me and my fitness.


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Leigh, who has always been a very disciplined woman, loves the added accountability Bootique Fitness gives her to fit exercise into her routine early in the morning. She's spending less time with her chiropractor and more time lifting her grandchildren with her strong, lean arms! In the 8 months I have been taking Bootique Fitness classes, I have maintained a [...]


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Donna enjoys seeing incredible changes in her body now that she is much, much firmer. The back pain and knee pain that she's had for years is gone. She is proud to be faster and stronger that people half her age. Fabulous workout with the best trainer ever!