Power Yoga CORE Work Video

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Core Exercise for Yoga Yoga is great for targeting and strengthening the core. Ali shows you how to do this quick power yoga sequence that engages and challenges your abdominals. Yoga Classes in San Diego Yoga is the perfect blend of mind, body, and spirit – just like Bootique! ;) Not only does yoga help strengthen your core, improve flexibility, [...]

Yoga Video for STRESS Relief

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Too Much Stress? It's not always easy to manage the stress in our lives, but yoga can help. This simple vinyasa flow yoga sequence can help you open your hips, relax and release some of that stress that's weighing you down. Yoga Classes in San Diego Movement. Zen. De-stress. Bootique yoga classes will not only help with stress but will [...]

Yoga Video Quick Flow For BUSY People

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Too Busy For Yoga? Maybe you don't have an hour to practice yoga - that's ok. It's still really beneficial just to take a few minutes out of your day to step back, breathe and flow through a few poses. This vinyasa flow is designed for the busy people who can only afford a few minutes of practice. Yoga Classes [...]

Yoga Video – BEGINNER’S Vinyasa Flow Sequence

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New To Yoga? There's a space in yoga for you to start your practice from anywhere. I'm not a natural born yogi - but I have really enjoyed incorporating yoga into my weekly workout routine. This simply vinyasa flow will show you the basics of a sun salutation. Yoga Classes in San Diego Come join Bootique Fitness and experience yoga [...]

Your Arms – Only Leaner!

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Want tight, toned arms? Get ready to work for them. Sarah, one of our great personal trainers and boot camp instructors shows you how to develop long, lean, tone arms - Fast! All you need for this video workout is a resistance band. Choose a band with enough resistance that it will challenge you by the time you do 15 [...]


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Melissa has lost 10 lbs in our boot camp and Zumba classes! She has finally found a way to have fun with working and and has been able to re-shape her body.


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Robbin has truly changed her life! She is no longer pre-diabetic and has shrunk her tumors! She is an inspiration to us all!


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Janet has lost over 40 lbs in our boot camp and Zumba classes! She loves the encouragement, camaraderie, support and accountability she feels with our program. She is surpassing her goals having just completed a 8.2 mile run/walk where she ran 4.5 miles. Most importantly, she has her life back!


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Sara LOVES working out with Bootique Fitness! Bootique is fun and addicting! I never in a million years thought I would be saying working out for me has become a very good addiction. I incorporate Bootique Fitness into my daily life, and I still have a life. For someone who hates to work out, this place rocks the party, that [...]