Personal Trainers Speak Out On Fitness Myths

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We all read fitness and nutrition tips online, magazines, or hear advice from friends and family; but what is really legit? Bootique's personal trainers in San Diego sound off on the rights and wrongs of the grapevine. These are the fitness myths that bug us the most. Sarah Nakamoto – Bootique Personal Trainer San Diego MYTH: Eat low fat foods [...]

San Diego Personal Trainers Share Their Favorite Exercises for A Sexy Butt

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Every woman I know wants to have a great butt. Some of us were born with better assets than others, but we can all appreciate working with what we have to make it even better. Our Personal Trainers in San Diego know how to train your glutes to create a nice, tight bum! Here are our personal trainers favorite exercises [...]

Our Personal Trainers Share Their Favorite Motivational Quotes

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Quotes can be the perfect little pick-me-up you need when the going gets tough... or simply the morning is dark, the evening is cold, or you just don't feel like doing what you know you is good for you. Our Bootique Fitness personal trainers in San Diego share their favorite motivational quotes. Jaylin, San Diego Personal Trainer As the founder [...]

What Music Gets Your Favorite Personal Trainer’s Moving?

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Motivational Music – What do Bootique trainers listen to when they are working out? Everyone has their go-to playlist for running, the gym, a bike ride, or any activity that gets them sweating. Do you need some new music to get you motivated? Maybe there is a type of music you never knew could keep you working hard! Here is [...]

Bootique Trainers Share Favorite Ways to Relax

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Bootique Says ‘Relax’ So you’ve been working hard at Bootique’s Personal Group Training and Zumba classes, running errands, gone to work, school, carted the kids around, and you have been dealing with daily stressors that come up. What are you doing to relax? How are you releasing the mental and physical fatigue? Let Bootique’s trainers share what they do to [...]

How To Kick Food Cravings!

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FOOD CRAVINGS! We all get them! For those trying to lose weight and stay fit, they can be quite an obstacle. Whether you find yourself with a food craving for sweet chocolate, salty chips, cheesy pizza, creamy pasta, bagels, or all of the above!... our personal trainers want to talk about why your food cravings happen and how best to deal with them to [...]

How To Make Your Workout Burn More Fat

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Did you know that you can burn more fat during your workout by utilizing these simple tips from San Diego Personal Trainers? 3 workout tweaks that burn more fat If you want to change the way your body looks, you have to change the way your body moves. These 3 workout strategies, all used in Bootique's personal training boot camp classes, will change the way your body burns fat [...]

4 Habits That Are Preventing Your Fat Loss

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Breaking bad habits can be hard. Whether your bad habits are directly related to eating or just other lifestyle habits that are hurting you, it's challenging to change a behavior that you are so used to doing - especially when it comes to eating and working out. However, every day is a new opportunity for you to choose to make [...]