4 Reasons Group Exercise Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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At Bootique Fitness in San Diego, it’s all about the squad! You’ll come for the great workouts, and you’ll stay for the supportive, positive atmosphere. Our secret to helping you find success in our program is this fun group dynamic; not only does it mean our classes are welcoming and engaging, but it gives you all kinds of other benefits, [...]

Why Do We Use Free Weights?

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If you’re a fairly new member to our Bootique Fitness tribe, you’ve probably had the chance to attend a few introductory classes and noticed a few of our veterans bringing their own weights to class. We don’t know about you, but for some of us, going to a brand new class and seeing a bunch of people bringing in free [...]

Most Popular Fitness Trends for 2015

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The new year is just around the corner, and with it, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) surveys what's hot and what's not in the fitness industry as well as their professional opinion on what's next for fitness. The No. 1 trend for 2015? Body weight training. Our San Diego Personal Trainers have the new workout trends for 2015 to [...]

Why Women Need Strength Training

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Be Strong! – Strength Training Tips Cardio workouts are important! They burn calories, aid in weight loss/maintenance, and improve blood pressure and heart health – but we can’t forget about strength training! Many women focus only on cardio and don’t put enough time into building those muscles. Not only will strong muscles help in melting away the lbs., they will [...]

Plateaus!!!!! Change It to Lose It

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We’ve all been there. We lose weight, get in shape – then then we hit the proverbial wall. What happened? We are doing the same things we did to lose the weight; why isn’t it still working? There are many reasons this can happen. Not eating or drinking what we really think we are (not tracking our food therefore taking [...]

Let the Good Times (Foam) Roll!

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Whether your is body sore, you’re warming up muscles pre-exercise, or need to work out those tight IT Bands, foam rolling is the way to go! Ideally, getting a deep tissue massage everyday by a professional after our hard workouts would be the best way to recover; but most of us can’t afford that luxury. It’s important to loosen up [...]

How To Access Your Progress

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Body Composition Measurements Tracking progress is important to your overall success. However, it is also very important that it does not become an obsession. While looking in the mirror, feeling the difference in the way your clothes fit and how your body feels are excellent indicators of your success, you may want more concrete evidence that your healthy habits are [...]