Tabata Thursdays

No, Suzanne Somers in not in the building, but here comes some Thighmasters!

If you’ve been on our Tabata bandwagon, you already know the recipe: high intensity, less time, and better results! Tabata is the perfect cardio and strength training accessory for the busy women we are. No toys, no gym, – just your body and the Tabata! Bootique incorporates many Tabatas at boot camp, and you can do them quickly and efficiently at home and on the weekends (no excuses for Bootiquers!). Dip into the Tabatas we’ve already introduced to you, or get started with today’s Tabata: Thighmasters!

No crazy contraption needed to burn our way to a toned body!

This bodyweight cardio/strength workout has you sweating and breathing heavy – all while standing in the same spot! To start, stand in place with your legs shoulder width apart, head up, fighter abs, and shoulders relaxed. To start, squat squat down, then jump to standing and squeeze your thighs to bring legs together. Repeat by jumping back to a low squat with feet shoulder width apart… Repeat the thighmaster jump every 20 seconds with 10 second of rest in between the intense sets.

Watch Bootique’s San Diego Personal Trainer, Sabrina Campbell, for the correct form, technique, and any modifications if needed. Jump around with Sabrina or watch the technique and Tabata anytime, anywhere! Let’s “master” this thigh Tabata!

The Tabata Thighmaster Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercise: Thighmaster