Tabata Thursdays

Tabata Thursdays – Let’s Get Down!

It’s Tank Top Season! Last week we got high in the air with squat jumps, this week we are going to “get down!” with close-grip triceps push-ups and plank jacks! We are working not only our triceps but our legs, glutes, and of course the core. Another body weight, no equipment workout that can be done anywhere, anytime – let’s get to it!

In your 20 seconds of work, first, get into plank/pushup position. For this close-grip version, place your hands on the ground, making sure they are underneath your shoulders, and as close to your body as possible. You will then do one push up, followed by 5 plank jacks. You are already in a plank position from your push up, do for the plank jacks, you will move your feet in and out 5 times. 1 triceps push up, 5 plank jacks, repeat. Remember to use your Interval Timer, or you can follow our own personal trainer Sabrina Campbell while making sure you’re “down with technique”.

Let’s get down with the “get down”!

The Tabata Tank Top Edition Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercises: 1 triceps push up, 5 plank jacks