Tabata Thursdays

Today’s tabata will bring out the animal in you – animal movements that is. As always, so special equipment needed – just you, some free space, and any time of day. Let’s kick it!

For your first 20 seconds of work, it’s 2 legged Donkey Kicks! Begin in push-up position. Fighter abs and core engaged. With both feet together and knees bent, jump both legs from one side to the other with a bum kick in between! You will feel this one before that 20 seconds is up! Whew… you get 10 seconds to rest and then…

For the next exercise, it’s a pasty show stopper – Can Cans! Start in a crab walk position, fingers facing your feet. For the next 20 seconds, you will alternate kicking up each leg. Move as fast as you can in this rep – playing the “can can” music in your head always helps.

Move positions during your 10 second down time and alternate between each exercise. As always, check out San Diego Personal Trainer, Sabrina, on our video for proper technique and form. Follow along with her or set your timer with your favorite song to get pumped up. Let’s get this party started, you party animal!

Happy Tabata Thursday!

The Tabata Party Animal Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercises: Donkey Kids and Can Cans