Tabata Thursdays

Today’s tabata challenge – Bum Kicks! These work your hamstrings, quads, and glutes; add some arm movement to “kick” it up a notch.

A tabata of these kicks will get your heart rate going and your muscles nice and warm. Kick it out as a warm up tabata to a workout, a high intensity cardio blast during an exercise routine, or a mini workout for when you only have 4 minutes to spare! Another body weight workout to get your aerobic and anaerobic activity in less time than it takes waiting for your morning latte!

Let’s kick it into gear with Sabrina Campbell showing the proper technique for bum kicks. Kick you feet back one at a time and try and kick your foot to your bum. Don’t worry if you can’t kick it just yet; practice makes perfect! Plus, Sabrina will also show you modifications in the video so that you can do this workout at any fitness level.


The Tabata Bum Kick Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercise: Bum Kick