Tabata Thursdays

This week’s Tabata – Ice Skaters and High Knees!

This Tabata combines cardio, balance, and strength into 4 sweaty, calorie burning minutes. NO traveling or running; so this means it can be done anywhere, anytime. No excuses!

20 second high knees, 10 second rest. 20 second ice skaters, 10 seconds rest – and keep alternating throughout the Tabata. The best part? Your body KEEPS burning calories and fat hours after this workout!

To begin with your high knees, stand in place again with your legs shoulder width apart. Stand up straight with your head up, fighter abs, shoulders back, and alternate lifting your knees up and down, in a “hop” fashion. Keep your hands out in front of you and make your knees reach those palms (no hands to knees – knees to hands!). Move as quickly as you can while keeping the proper form.

Next, for your ice skater, stand strong with head up and feet shoulder width apart. Bending your torso slightly forward (head up and not bending over too much) and using your arms, jump to one side with your right foot, with your left foot crossing behind you. Follow the same with your other foot and keep alternating until you hear that 20 seconds is up.

Watch our Sabrina Campbell, personal trainer for Bootique, for the correct technique for each exercise and follow along for this lower back, hips, butt, outer thighs, abs, toning Tabata! Enjoy!

The Tabata Ice, Ice, Baby Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercise: Ice Skaters and High Knees