Tabata Thursdays

Happy Tabata Thursday! Today’s high intensity, 20 second cardio blast (with our 10 seconds of rest in between) is our classic burpee with an added cherry on top – Tuck Jump! Remember, it’s only 20 seconds of work each time, so give it all your energy and tuck jump as high as you can! Let’s get lifted!

Starting with your feet shoulder width apart, we start with our classic burpee. Drop/squat down with your hands on the ground, jump out to a plank position, push-up, then back into a squat position. Now, instead of your usual jump up, you’ll so a tuck jump; jumping up, tucking both knees up as high as you can. Then it’s back down to burpees. 20 seconds of this with your 10 second break. Follow our “Tabata Trainer” Sabrina Campbell for proper form and technique, and when it’s time to take that much needed break.

Now tuck that Tabata!

The Tabata Burpee With a Little Tuck Workout

Time: 4 minutes
Timer: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
Tabata Exercise: Burpee With a Little Tuck Jump