What are you doing this summer? Cross-country roadtrip, Coachella, relaxing with the family? What about fitness-wise? Yes, there are plenty of 5Ks and marathons in and around San Diego but lucky for YOU, there are also nearby triathlons just about every weekend from here on out. Why not?! What have you got to lose?

So here’s the lowdown on triathlons:

A triathlon is technically an event that involves running, swimming, and cycling. Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily have to complete a 2.4 mile swim, 26.2 mile run, and a 112 mile bike race in order to complete a triathlon. PHEW (although if you’re up for an Ironman, go for it!)!! Luckily, there are plenty of triathlons in the greater San Diego area that consist of roughly half of the Iron Man stats.

How to Sign Up for a Triathlon

Words of wisdom – always know what you’re getting into before just spontaneously signing up. We know those streaks of courage that sneak upon us causing us to do crazy things sometimes, but just remember this event is not just a walk in the park. If you’re used to flat courses and smooth water, then look for those when searching for a race!

How to Train for a Triathlon

Training for a triathlon can seem intimidating – you are going to need to incorporate running, swimming, and biking multiple times into your weekly routine along with cross training like yoga and resistance work. The good news is that because your body will be working so many of its muscles rather than putting repeated stress on the same ones, there is a decreased chance that you will get injured!

To train for the swimming portion, it is recommended to take a lesson or two at your local health club for any stride correcting and strengthening. Once you’ve got that down pat, head out to open waters and get comfortable with the increased resistance. For biking, you really just want to work on endurance so call up some friends and plan a weekend trip along Highway 1 or bike to work if you can. Running is the easiest because you don’t need any equipment – you just have to do it! Don’t overkill – work up from a jogging pace to a running pace and eventually include hills and speed-work. Don’t forget to practice running right after biking when you can – it is an extremely different sensation then running with fresh legs. But you can do it! You’re a Bootique girl!

Pre-Race Day

According to, some of the most important things to do to ensure you are race ready include making sure your bike is all tuned up, labeling your gear and equipping it with appropriate reflective gear, clipping your toenails!, and making sure you know the directions to the race start. Even more importantly, study the course ahead of time so there are no surprises and also don’t try out any new gear or foods right before a race. Pack your bag the night before (here’s a useful packing list) and get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP! Ready-set-go!

What are you waiting for?

Strap up your sneakers, tie up your helmet and fasten those goggles. Triathlons sound intimidating but with a little research and a lot of motivation and training, you can totally knock one down. Imagine THAT feeling of accomplishment?! Here is a list of California triathlon events for 2013:  – what have you got to lose?