Have you ever noticed the near-flawless complexions of pro-athletes? No, it’s not the sports drinks or the expensive gym clothes that make them look so good. It’s due in part to a magical little thing called sweat.

The next time you complete a gloriously sweaty workout session (ever been to a Bootique Dance Fitness Party?), take a moment to think about how you feel. Aside from feeling blissfully content that you worked through such an excellent workout, you may notice that your body feels lighter and cleaner from the inside-out.

This isn’t just the increase of endorphins talking, you literally just detoxed your body from the nasty little buggers that were about to clog your pores and blemish your beautiful face. Sweating flushes out alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Gross, yet convenient! You’re not just building lean muscles and improving your cardiovascular health when exercising, you’re doing some deep-cleaning as well.

Sweating improves blood circulation, opens up your pores, and pushes acne-causing congestion out of the skin. Just make sure you hop in the shower post-workout to rinse it all away. We also find that it helps bringing a little microfiber workout towel to class to blot away sweat as it builds up. Microfiber gym towels are highly absorbent and easy to find at most fitness stores. You don’t have to feel dirty while sweating, just wipe it away!

If you’re still not convinced of the so-called “sweat facial,” sweating has also been found to improve the production of collagen, helping to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Our bodies do so many amazing things for us, but sometimes they need a little assistance. So get your sweat on and enjoy that healthy glow!