Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body and that getting your daily sweat session in is “heart healthy”, but that may not be enough motivation to get you up off the couch and into your running shoes. Studies show only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular physical activity per week and more than half of all baby boomers report doing no exercise whatsoever. It’s no wonder that a large portion of the US is overweight.

There is no magic pill that can do for your body what exercise can do and it’s never too late to start. No matter what your age, exercise will be beneficial to your body…but also your mind.

Regular exercise is linked to less depression, better memory and quicker learning. Exercise is also the best way to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. By increasing the blood flow to the brain and feeding the growth of new blood vessels and even brain cells, it protects the brain from degeneration. Moderate-intensity exercise has been shown to slow down aging on the cellular level and having a regular routine can increase your lifespan by an average of five years.

Exercise also makes you happier! Multiple studies show that various types of exercise, from walking to dancing, make people feel better and can even relieve symptoms of depression. Exercise triggers serotonin, endorphins and dopamine – the “happy” chemicals in your brain – and dulls pain, lightens mood and relieves stress. What better reason do you need to try out one of Bootique’s Dance Fitness classes in San Diego and get your groove on toward a happier you?

Worried about exercising because of an injury? Worry not. When people sustain an injury, they should get moving as soon as possible, with permission from their doctor of course, in order to avoid muscle atrophy and to improve blood flow to the area. The right kind of exercise can actually help the healing process.

Even if you have a major illness or chronic condition, it’s important to keep moving. Just taking a walk can dramatically improve quality of life when living with chronic conditions.

And it doesn’t take much. Even 10-minute intervals can be effective when you push yourself hard. Try one of Bootique’s HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, classes and see big results in a short amount of time.