“Ditch the workout, Join the party!”

Zumba is a high-energy, fast-paced dance workout that is a great way to kick up any cardio routine. But, if you are a first-time Zumba attendee, you probably have a lot of questions…

What can you expect from the class? What is involved in the workout? Is a dance background necessary? It is normal for beginners to have questions about Zumba, as it’s a relatively new type of workout. However, once your basic questions are answered, you’ll find youself loving every minute of this hip-shaking new way to get fit.

What is Zumba?

It is a Latin infused dance workout that is heavy on cardio. Each workout is lead by music that ranges from traditional Latin American songs to hip-hop and even some jazz tunes. Zumba classes are 1 hour long. The exciting thing about Zumba is that there is a variety of choreography that is based on each song played. While dancing is required, dance expertise or formal training is not. The purpose of Zumba is to get people moving, get their hearts pumping and get them in shape. It’s not for training to be on any judged dancing competition shows.

Who can participate in Zumba?

Everyone! As long as you can move about safely and enjoy a good workout, then this is for you. Women, men, and children can enjoy the workout that Zumba provides. Zumba can be varied to fit a variety of different fitness levels. Some classes will be more upbeat and athletic like the ones we teach at Bootique Fitness, while other classes will be

Zumba 101

Just as you would expect with any other demanding physical activity, you want to have water or a diluted sports drink handy to re-hydrate during your Zumba workout. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes with good support and clothes you would be comfortable dancing in. Also, the longer you dance, the higher the temperature of the room will get so, if necessary, dress in layers to maintain your comfort level. It is a good idea to bring a towel since you will work up a sweat!

Bootique Fitness offers a great Zumba classes in San Diego. With the great routines and choreography, these Zumba classes fill up fast. In order to take advantage and reserve your spot, RSVP for a Zumba class.

Put some spice in your workout

Plan to try a Zumba class this week. Your first Zumba class with Bootique is only $5. Or, schedule a private Zumba party for your next ‘ladies night’ or birthday celebration. Get details about private Zumba parties. It’s a guaranteed good time!