Bootique Fitness Cross Training Workout Video

Follow our boot camp fitness trainer Sarah as she gets you in shape for the Diva Dash women-only 3-mile adventure-obstacle run in January. There are 8 exercises in this 6 minute circuit. You’ll do a strength exercise for 60 seconds, followed by a cardio exercise for 30 seconds. After your 6 minute circuit, take a short rest up to 60 seconds and repeat the circuit. Complete at least 3 circuits up to 6. Each week, push yourself a little harder during the circuit or add an extra round to your workout.

Before you get started, be sure to warm up and always cool down and stretch at the end of a workout. Using a interval timer app, set your 1st timer for 60 seconds and the 2nd for 30 seconds. Give yourself a short rest at the end of your circuit – up to 60 seconds, then reset and it all over again.

Here are the exercises in your Diva Dash training circuit.

Diva Dash Training Exercise #1: Wide push ups
Diva Dash Training Exercise #2: Squat jumps
Diva Dash Training Exercise #3: Alternate reverse lunges
Diva Dash Training Exercise #4: Mountain climbers
Diva Dash Training Exercise #5: Triceps push ups
Diva Dash Training Exercise #6: Plank jacks
Diva Dash Training Exercise #7: Step out squats
Diva Dash Training Exercise #8: Ice skaters

You’ll complete this circuit once a week for 6 weeks prior to the Diva Dash race in January. To save $10 off you fee for the race, use the code “SDBF2” at the Diva Dash site.

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