We hear it every spring and summer – “Bikini Season”. Wearing a two-piece bathing suit, or any swimwear for that matter, has become the criteria for deciding what “fit” and “healthy” may mean to society. However, we know better!

We say, if you have the ability to put on a bikini, well then – you’re bikini ready. However, that has absolutely nothing to do with how healthy and fit you are. Every woman can wear any bathing suit we like and feel confident in – as long as we are focused on the health and fitness on the inside too. These benefits from getting into our healthiest shape are felt all year long; and are always in season.

5 reasons to get in shape that have nothing to do with bikini season

Zzzzzzzzzzz – When we work out and eat right, we sleep better. Getting all our “z’s” aids in more energy for our work day, errands, and workouts. Hit the hay!

Migraine City – Exercise can help reduce migraines! Studies have found that exercise helped prevent and reduce migraine headaches as well as or even better than medication. No more trips to this town.

You Be Illin’ – Need another reason? Fitness and health helps us from getting sick less often. Frequent exercise builds our immune system to nasty colds and other symptoms. Run away from that flu!

Get Low – Regular exercise and eating well reduces and maintains healthy blood pressure. We want our weight lower, but we want that blood pressure at a lower/healthy rate as well!

Domino Effect – We all know that regular exercise helps us lose weight and will help prevent us from gaining weight. Extra pounds are what lead to a lot of underlying health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, stroke, and especially for women, heart disease. We can focus on just one thing (the extra weight) and the rest will fall into place!

Forget about JUST the bikini, and concentrate on your health. You’ll notice just how good you feel not only inside and out, but rain or shine – all year long.