Sarah, one of our great San Diego Personal Trainers, gives you an incredible leg sculpting, fat burning workout. You can follow along to this short, intense, powerful workout to get sleek, toned legs! One circuit will only take you 3 minutes. We recommend doing 3-5 circuits total to get a great workout that will keep you metabolism soaring all day!

Be sure to warm up before you get into this circuit, repeat this circuit 3-5 times with 30 seconds rest between circuits, then cool down and stretch after.

Here’s the workout breakdown:

1 Circuit = 3 minute

Alternating strength exercises with cardio exercises. Set your interval timer to 40:20. Each strength exercise is for 40 seconds, each cardio exercise is for 20 seconds.

Strength Exercise #1 – Elliptical Squats
Cardio Exercise #1 – Wide Burpee Legs
Strength Exercise #2 – Step Ups
Cardio Exercise #2 – Hop Over Mats
Strength Exercise #3 – Surrender Squats
Cardio Exercise #3 – Plank Jacks

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