Want your arms to be toned and sculpted for all those cute new summer tank tops you just bought? This workout is designed to do just that. Just 6 simple exercises to sexy shoulders, tight triceps and bragging rights biceps.

All you need is a resistance band (medium resistance is recommended) and a interval timer app to make those intervals easy to track. After you warm up, do each exercise for 45 seconds and take a 5 second break. Start with at least 2 rounds, up to 4 or 5. Keep increasing the amount of reps you can do in 45 seconds. Make sure you stretch out after every workout.

45 seconds on: 5 seconds rest

Boot Camp Exercise 1. Shoulder press
Boot Camp Exercise 2. Lateral raise
Boot Camp Exercise 3. Standing bicep curl
Boot Camp Exercise 4. Seating bicep curl
Boot Camp Exercise 5. Overhead triceps extension
Boot Camp Exercise 6. Triceps kickback

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