Sara LOVES working out with Bootique Fitness!

Bootique is fun and addicting! I never in a million years thought I would be saying working out for me has become a very good addiction. I incorporate Bootique Fitness into my daily life, and I still have a life. For someone who hates to work out, this place rocks the party, that rocks the party. Not only have I come to love working out, but I love the people in the classes as well. It’s like a family. Everyone is so nice and hard working, and it makes you want to push harder to get to the next level.

I have lost several inches and 15 pounds since I started. I am able to do full body push ups and when I started in Feb 2012 I could barely do a “girl” push up. I’m stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier since coming to Bootique.

The location and timing of the classes are paramount in my success. Since I live in Hillcrest, the balboa location is so easy for me to get to. The Zumba classes Jaylin teaches has also played a large part in my success. The clases are so great I have even ventured out to Mission Bay; working out with this group will make you want to try all the locations and experience everything bootique has to offer.

This will be the one of the best fitness decisions you have ever made