4 Reasons Why People Love Zumba

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Dance Off Calories with Zumba! Are you tired of your cardio routine? Are you sick of clocking hours on the treadmill? Change it up a bit! Add a Zumba class to your cardio routine this week. Zumba is a dance-based cardio class that incorporates Latin rhythms and calorie-burning moves.  The music is infectious. It makes you want to move. And [...]

Avoid Zumba Knees – Guide To Getting The Right Zumba Shoe

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If you have tried Zumba you know that it takes just one class and you are hooked for life. If you haven't, stop making excuses and get your hips and booty shaking over to the next available class (you'll thank me later)! Zumba is a cardio-based fitness class that combines Latin rhythm with high energy dance movements to get your [...]