Slip-On Dancers: Must-Have Accessory for Zumba Classes

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Zumba classes in San Diego "If you haven't been to Jaylin's Zumba Classes, you are missing out on the best dance workout party in San Diego," says Amy Kauffman aka Zumba Rockstar. On Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday & Sunday mornings, women (and a few brave men) get together for 55 minutes of high-energy fitness to some awesome music. [...]

Dancing with Pride in San Diego

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Thanks to an invite by the race director, Ricky, I had the pleasure of warming up the San Diego Pride 5K. The sun was hot this past Saturday but I didn't care how much the sun was beating on me - I was having a blast! On top of sharing Zumba and dancing for the Pride 5K goers - I [...]

Zumba Party on Cinco de Mayo

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Zumba dancing in the streets of San Diego On Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, Bootique Fitness will be dancing in the street at Road Runner in Clairemont. We invite you to come play and dance with us! You can stop by for a couple of songs or a couple of hours - whatever you want - and we'll dance with you. [...]

‘The Biggest Loser’ gets Zumba-licious

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Zumba = the end of boring workouts Today, I when arrived at my Zumba class 30 minutes early, I found a new student already waiting for me that was excited to take a Zumba class based on what she saw on 'The Biggest Loser'. I'm always happy to welcome new students and this girl was especially energetic and excited to [...]

Zumba with your Bestie on Valentine’s Day (FREE)

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Who says Valentine's Day is just for lovers? Show your best friend how much you care by inviting her (or him) to Zumba with you on Valentine's Day! Details for Zumba with your Bestie You're bestie dances for free with your paid admission to Zumba on Tuesday, Feb 14th Free Bestie must be a first time Zumba client Make your [...]

So You Think You Can Zumba?

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"Ditch the workout, Join the party!" Zumba is a high-energy, fast-paced dance workout that is a great way to kick up any cardio routine. But, if you are a first-time Zumba attendee, you probably have a lot of questions... What can you expect from the class? What is involved in the workout? Is a dance background necessary? It is normal [...]

Zumba in San Diego – New Class Added on Sundays

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New Zumba dance class added on Sundays at 10:00 am We're excited to open another Zumba class. We've had many positive reviews of our Tuesday, Thursday Zumba classes and numerous requests to add another class weekly. Starting this Sunday, October 16th, we'll be doing Zumba 3 days a week. That's 3 chances to join the fitness party, shake your groove [...]

Is Zumba Just A Fad Exercise?

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Exercise trends come and go. Need proof? Anyone remember Jazzercise and Tae-Bo? Both programs were the hot trends in exercise in the past. Both programs still exist (seriously, there are still places that offer Jazzercise), but both have fallen out of favor with the fitness crowd. It stands to reason that Zumba may be the next exercise trend that is [...]

Zumba by Bootique Gets Krazy!

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There are some fun changes to the Zumba party at Bootique Fitness. The classes are still held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm. You can still find the women of Bootique Fitness rocking to the beat of high-energy, eclectic varieties of music in San Diego. You may be wondering what's different... The big change is Jaylin Allen, head trainer at [...]

The Coolest Zumba Shoes in San Diego

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What type of shoes you wear for your workout is just as important and the type of workout you do to maintain your health. It's not vain to want a pair of fantastic workout shoes. However, fashion should never trump functionality when choosing a fitness shoe. Thankfully, you won't have to choose fashion over function or vice versa with these [...]