Cardio Dance Fitness San Diego for Little Bit

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Just A Little Bit - Destra Garcia - Soca Music Have you hit a plateau in your fitness progress or just lack excitement in your workouts? Bootique’s Dance Cardio Fitness class is your prescription for these plateaus and boredom. You might be doing other cardio like running, bicycle, or other great workouts, but your body is so used to the [...]

Cardio Dance Fitness San Diego Fiesta

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Fiesta - Charly Black - Dancehall Our Cardio Dance Party Fitness class (like San Diego Zumba classes but with our special Bootique style) fits right into your winter cardio schedule. Too dark for a safe run? Or a rainy night makes you want to stay in and skip that workout? Check into Dance Cardio Fitness classes with Bootique online, and [...]

Dance Fitness San Diego Song Monster Winer

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Monster Winer - Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick You’ve been putting off trying those Zumba/Dance classes, because, well, you aren’t sure you can keep up. You’ve never taken a dance class nor have the coordination you think everyone who takes the class has. The best part of Zumba? It’s for EVERY level, EVERY age, and EVERY body! And guess [...]

Cardio Dance Fitness Video for High Energy

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How Low - Ludacris Dance the day away with us at Club Bootique! If you’ve had a stressful day and need to blow off some steam, or even if you had a great day and want to celebrate it, cardio dance is the way to go. Instead of waiting for a weight machine to be available at the gym or [...]

Zumba Cool Down Video For Locked Away

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Locked Away - R. City ft. Adam Levine We love this new jam by Adam Levine. It makes a great cool down song for our Zumba cardio dance fitness classes in San Diego. San Diego Cardio Dance Fitness Classes Dance Fitness classes are one of the best and most fun ways to burn calories. The fun music and easy-to-follow moves [...]

Dance Fitness Video for Downtown by Macklemore

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Downtown - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Finally... Macklemore has brought us some new music and just like the one's before, this song is a hit in our cardio dance fitness classes. San Diego Dance Fitness Classes Dance Fitness classes are one of the best and most fun ways to burn calories. The fun music and easy-to-follow moves make it possible [...]

Zumba Round-Up – Full Class Playlist

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Ready for a fun, cardio workout you can do in the convenience of your home? Or take your smart phone or tablet and dance in the office, on the streets - maybe even a rooftop. Dance like no one is watching! Complete Zumba Dance Fitness Class Workout Playlist Click the link to go directly to the song. Here It Is [...]

Zumba San Diego’s Chris Brown Warm Up

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Here It Is - Chris Brown, Flo Rida We love Flo Rida! This is a really simple choreography that we use for a warm up. San Diego Cardio Dance Fitness Classes You've probably heard of Zumba - the Latin-inspired dance craze that's getting people fit all over the world. Our Dance Fitness classes are a lot like that - but [...]

Zumba San Diego’s Sigueme y Te Sigo

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Sígueme y Te Sigo - Daddy Yankee Daddy Yankee always gives us great music to dance to. San Diego Zumba Classes Talk about getting your 10,000 steps in for the day! Even if you are a mover and shaker during the day, or especially if you in the office, getting those steps in is important for our health. Zumba with [...]

Zumba Dance Video for Ula U

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Ula U - Piva ft Joey Montana We broke this one down to super simple choreography. Get up - try it out. Better yet - come dance with us in class. San Diego Zumba Classes So, you’ve been to Zumba; you sweat, you dance, you love it. You’ve got some of the moves down and you’re feeling pretty confident. Want [...]